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Soft Cover
Kaylee's Choice
Book 1 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
10-year-old Kaylee's father wants her to be a
soccer star like he was; but when she joins an Irish
dance school, she is pulled in a completely
different direction, unsettles the family routine,
and learns that making choices isn't always easy.
124 pages, hard cover
Green Storm
Book 2 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
Can a person dance in a feis if she has a broken
leg? 11-year-old Kaylee aims to find out if she can
pull it off after a soccer injury...while keeping it a
secret from her demanding dance teacher.
112 pages,
soft cover
Fire & Metal
Book 3 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
12-year-old Kaylee is horrified to learn that her
father's new job will require the family to
move--and for Kaylee to give up her beloved Irish
dance school.
170 pages, hard cover
Christmas in Ireland
Book 4 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
Kaylee's Aunt Kat offers to fly the family to Ireland
for Christmas, but there is a secret behind her offer
that will change 13-year-old Kayl;ee and her entire
family forever.
115 pages, hard cover
The Secret Ceili
Book 5 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
Kaylee turns 14 and gets her first real job--working
at a farm where she takes care of a special horse.
She is also asked to be part of a ceili team for
Oireachtas. But when she finds she does not have
time for both, she cannot decide whether to quit
the job she loves or let down her teammates..
120 pages,
soft cover
The Winds of Ireland
Book 6 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
Returning from a feis, Kaylee and her friend Riley
are seriously hurt in a car accident. As she battles
her injuries and a simmering family mystery,
Kaylee must decide whether she is willing to pay
the price to continue dancing. Covers two years of
Kaylee's exciting dance career.
260 pages, hard cover
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Isle of Green Fire
Book 7 in the Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer
The conclusion of the Kaylee O'Shay series as
17-year-old Kaylee discovers the truth behind a
strange letter, attempts to return from injury to
qualify for the World Championship, and faces
challenges from old enemies and new friends.
199 pages, soft cover
The Dancer in the Painted
A stand-alone novel
Irish dance/sci-fi/action-adventure
100 years in the future, competitive Irish dance is
dominated by clones that wealthy dancers use to
win without working hard. No "Norm"--or non-clone
dancer--has ever beaten a clone...or have they?
When 15-year-old Wynn befriends a dying clone,
she discovers a secret about them that is protected
by a conspiracy extending far beyond the world of

177 pagers, soft cover
The Irish Witch's Dress
First book in the Irish Witch Series
Irish dance/Celtic
A lazy young dancer comes into possession of an
enchanted dress that can make her a
champion--but the price for her success may mean
the end of the world.
80 pages, soft cover
The Irish Witch's Tiara
Second Book in the Irish Witch Series
Irish dance/Celtic mythology/fantasy/action-
14-year-old Harp McCardle and her friends Oen
and Sammy are back to battle the witch. But this
time, Mealla doesn't simply wish to control the
world; she wants revenge.
$41 off retail!
7-book Kaylee O'Shay, Irish
Dancer series set
First 7 books listed above
Starts with 10-year-old Kaylee's introduction
to dance in
Kaylee's Choice and concludes
with the thrilling
Isle of Green Fire.

20 pagers, soft cover
Dance of the Third-string
A stand-alone novel about a boy Irish dancer
Irish dance/YA
15-year-old Seth moves back to the city with
his mother after his father dies. He wants to
resume Irish dance to improve his foot
speed so that he can make the high school
football team. But what will happen when
the other guys on the team learn that he is a
200 pages, soft cover
Dance of Time
The first book in Rod Vick's new Coins of the
Dagda Trilogy
A 100-year-old time capsule recovered from a
condemned hotel yields an envelope addressed to
14-year-old Harley O’Halleran from her dead
father. Inside is a faceless pocket watch inscribed
with a Celtic poem that unlocks a ripple through
time for Harley and best friend Megan. In 1946
Chicago, they race to save a young dancer and
meet a mysterious boy who claims to know the true
fate of Harley’s father. Their greatest challenge,
however, is a riddle involving three ancient Irish
coins, which they must solve to prevent evil forces
from bringing the gears of time to a screeching
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